Zeb Christensen Of Screaming For Silence

Interview By: Eric Littman

Side Stage Magazine: Hey everybody its Eric from Side Stage Magazine and I’m sitting down speaking with Zeb from Screaming For Silence. How’s it going man?

Zeb Christensen: Great man…great. Everything is awesome right now.


So the new EP is due to hit here shortly tell us a little bit about it.

It comes out July 28th. We actually released our first single a couple of weeks ago called “House Of Glass” which is also the name of the EP. Its five songs, it’s rocking and we hope everybody digs it.


I notice because I had the privilege to preview it, there’s maybe a little introspective when it comes to the songs. That it seems…um the best way to put this that they all came from somewhere, they were born out of something.

For sure when we write music, we all have equal input, and we all came up with the ideas for these songs together kind of like a family. They all have their special meaning for us, but when we are putting out an album I don’t necessarily want to tell people what it should mean to them I want them to be able to relate to the songs. When I was growing up listening to bands I would relate to a certain band or certain lyrics and that was a huge deal for me, and ultimately that’s what got me into music. That’s what we want for people when they listen to our music we want them to be able to relate to it, hopefully they dig it and keep rocking it.


I mean for the fans that’s what we look for. We want to be a part of something bigger, and we can do that through you. When we can relate to the songs and the effort put forth by you and Casey and Danny, and Matt and Colin it gives us that much more to grab a hold of.

That’s honestly why we do it Eric. We are an independent band we don’t have a record label behind us and when the fans get behind it that’s awesome. That’s why we do this, and we want to keep giving back as much to fans as we can because they really are what’s kept us going. Without them we would be nothing, we would have never made it out of a garage. We have such great support we can’t thank our fans, or friends our families enough for supporting us over the years and  I think that’s a lot of what this album has to deal with. It’s been a long road it’s been a great road, and we are extremely thankful. Looking back at the things we’ve gotten to do and accomplish it’s been great man, and this album kind of talks a little bit about that.


Why if I can ask an EP as opposed to a full length CD like The King Is Crowned.

To be honest we got inpatient. That first album we took three trips out to L.A. and it seemed like such a long process to get the music out. With the EP we took one trip and we recorded it all and we were just ready to get something out there to the fans. We wanted something to start moving, and we wanted everybody to hear this, we are extremely excited about it so that’s why we went the EP route instead of the full length.


I noticed there is a new energy in this album that you can feel in the music.

When we recorded the last album I think one thing, and this isn’t a bad thing there was such a variety of songs. What we wanted to do with this one is real hone in on what we loved about the first album and take that to the next level, and that’s the energy the upbeat feel. That was the goal on this EP to crank it up a notch.


With tracks like “House of Glass,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Long Way Up” can you tell us a little bit about those songs.

My favorite off the EP is definitely “Long Way Up”. I think that’s the song that really hits it home for us. You know as far as like what I was talking about with what we have been through over the years and some of the obstacles that we have had to overcome to keep things going. It’s not an easy thing, don’t get me wrong I love being on the road playing shows more than anything, but I remember being broke down on the side of the road multiple times, and I remember running out of gas in Florida, and having to push the van and trailer and start begging for money cause we didn’t have even enough money to put gas in the tank. “Beetlejuice” is more of the upbeat heavier song on the EP. When we started recording the EP we named all the songs after our favorite Geena Davis movies, but “Beetlejuice” was the one we kept.


For the fans that know you and have been around listening to you, I have to ask a question…On “The King Is Crowned” you paid homage to one of your all’s favorite movies. So is this kind of like an idea process.

You know we recorded with Erik Ron again out at Grey Area, and we have great chemistry with him and one of the things we really have in common is movies. So a lot of the times when we had down time we’re sitting shooting the crap about different movies, actors, and actresses and for some reason it just kept sticking. The first time we were out there we told him the story about Danny (Guitar/Vocals) looking like James Vanderbeek so that’s why “Varsity Blues” got named that, and when we were out there that’s kind of how we started all the songs and it’s something that gave us energy and the bond with Erik. We might put a full album out of songs named after movie titles (Laughs).


The one thing I can say is that the band gives back to the fans paying it forward through the different merchandise ideas. You did a big promotional thing for The King Is Crowned and I see you’re doing the same for House Of Glass.

Yeah right now we have a pre-order going on. You know now a days with technology streaming and downloads are much more important that the physical CD’s. It’s so easy to get your hands on it, so we set up this Pledge Music site where you can pre-order the album get some exclusive merchandise and there’s some fun stuff we are doing to. We did one last night where you buy a disposable camera off the site and we go out and take pictures with it. It’s a blast we have fun with it and it’s all about giving back to the fans.


Over the years that’s the one thing that has been a constant and the one thing that draws the fans close to you.

For sure….I think some bands are nice it begins when they start playing and ends when the step off the stage and I feel that’s extremely wrong. Our night starts when we arrive at the venue we want to talk to the people and meet as many people or fans as we can, and that’s one of the things about being in this band that I reflect on we have made so many friends and met so many people across the country. That’s my favorite part of it getting to meet new people, seeing a new city every night. We are extremely thankful for everything that everyone does for us when we are on the road like bring us food, give us a place to sleep letting us do our laundry those are just a few things that we are so thankful for and why we will never stop.


Speaking of being on the road I think you are one of the most hardest working touring bands on the road doing nearly like 270 shows a year.

Yeah we were definitely pushing over 200 shows for about like five years straight. I think a lot of it was we just didn’t want to go home. We still learn something every time we go out, new hurdles and we just keep growing we just didn’t want to stop. We have been off the road now for about 3 months and we are going stir crazy it’s time to get back out on the road and start seeing everyone again.


How long is the first leg of the touring going to be to promote House Of Glass?

This one starts July 28th in Ames Iowa. The thing with this tour is we wanted to either begin it or end it in Omaha our hometown and throw a really big party for this. And just the way the dates worked out it made it a three-week run which is kind of short for our standards but we get to hit some of our favorite spots. I know we don’t quite get as far east as you, but we will be out there I promise


Well you know I’m that guy that just randomly shows up and you may look out from the stage and be like what the heck….

I was thinking about that when we were talking earlier. I think you have seen us I about five or six different states. You came out to California for the Whiskey A Go-Go which was awesome, and you came to New York and it’s great that we get to travel and see you at different places like that.


As we said about your fans I know I’m not the only one who has done this. We started seven years ago and I know there are other fans that were right along with me, and have been traveling to see you all wherever you are because it’s that over all connection we as the fans have made with you.

Thank you and we love and appreciate that so much.


Tell us a little about Colin (Bassist).

Colin is the man. We met Colin touring with another band and the way things worked out and the timing it was just perfect. He has been so awesome and he is great to work with. He’s just a great guy and a great musician we are extremely excited to get him out on the road and he brings a whole new energy to the stage.


So with all the accomplishments what is it that keeps you all moving forward?

It’s been a snowball effect and we have to keep progressing. We try to focus on ourselves and just focus on getting better. I’ve said this throughout the interview it’s all about the fans and giving them the best of us, and progressing evolving as a band.


All I can say is Side Stage Magazine appreciates you and we thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about the new EP House Of Glass and the upcoming tour.

Thank you all for the support.


Thank you again brother we hope to see you soon…. be safe.

Thank you Eric.

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