Zakk Sabbath and Arch Enemy Exclusive Schecter Guitars Party at The Grove in Anaheim.  1/23/2016

By: Heather Vandemark

A couple hour break between NAMM closing for the day and the Schector Guitars Party at The Grove of Anaheim.  Time to refresh and get ready for fun evening. To get in, you had to be in the right place at right time to get a ticket at the Schector Guitars suite when they were handed out at random times during the day. When I arrived the line was wrapped around the building and a huge crowd of about 200 VIPs trying to funnel in to see Zakk Sabbath and Arch Enemy.   Fortunately, there was a DJ just inside the venue on the patio, so you had entertainment while waiting to get in.

I was too young to see Black Sabbath live when they were together. Hearing Zakk Sabbath play Black Sabbath songs live was beyond description.  If you closed your eyes,  Ozzy was channeled thought Zakk and you would feel like you were transported back in time and living the dream.  I want to say they played the favorites with Fairies Wear Boots, War Pigs and NIB, but I think all Black Sabbath songs are favorites.  The crowd was fired up singing every word right along with Zakk Wylde. He made sure everyone got equal time, going to each side of the stage with his wailing guitar solos.

After the set all members of the band hugged each other, took a bow and walked off the stage.

Arch Enemy is a death metal band from Sweden.  Alyssa White-Gluz took over as lead vocals in 2014. Angela Gossow stepped down and asked her friend to replace her. Gossow remains with Arch Enemy as their business manager.  Arch Enemy took the stage and the mosh pits began.  Alyssa White-Gluz is gorgeous and BADASS. She has amazing, strong stage presence and kills it on the vocals.  Playing old favorites like Nemesis, and Ravenous. ‘We Will Rise’ was my favorite to hear live. I’m in complete awe of this woman and her talent.  About an hour long set and the night was over at midnight.

The walk to my car after the show was a bit sketchy late a night.  Have to give a shout out of gratitude to Art Cortez of Prong, who saw me walking alone with a truck following me. He ran up to walk with me, the truck drove off, and he saved me from a possible bad situation.

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