Yaysh’s single Daep

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Pop and Hip-Hop are not dead, and artists like Yaysh help remind us that there are always amazing new artists coming out of the woodwork. A beautiful soul with a penchant for advocating LGBTQ rights, Yaysh is an artist with a sound all her own. A sound that defies categorization.
Her new single, “Daep”, which means beautiful in Vietnamese, is a sexually deep song with a low dance tempo. The single is available now on Amazon Digital. What you’ll hear when you listen is a rap song with amazing vocals. Not only is Yaysh a great hip-hop artist, she also has an amazing singing voice. Everything about her and her music is beautiful, as is this quote included in her bio:

“I sing, I rap and I know exactly what I want to do…infiltrate and show people a new option.” 

She calls herself a hybrid artist, a chameleon of sorts, and that is evident in this song itself.

If you enjoy dance music with a hip-hop edge, or vice versa, this is a song you definitely want to add to your collection. It’s an empowering and sexual song that will have you feeling like you can take on the world this year.
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