White Noise Radio’s Cosmos

Written By: Kristina Rêv

Bristol, United Kingdom heavy alternative rockers White Noise Radio are set to release their 2nd EP titled Cosmos. You can expect many different dynamics from this hard-hitting EP with each track bringing an immense amount of versatility. The captivating “calm before the storm” soft intro to tracks such as the track “Wires” will without a doubt be a fan favorite as the track crescendos into a harder tone throughout the song. Other tracks such as “Siren” and “Gone Inside” show elements of bands such as Tool, Incubus, etc which are many of the band’s main influences. Between the hard-rock infused vocals by vocalist Antoine Maas, polished riffs, vocal harmonies, etc I can without a doubt tell you this EP will skyrocket and impress fans and heavy music lovers everywhere. 

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