While She Sleeps’ You Are We

Written By: Alexis Coleman


While She Sleeps combines Heavy Metal music with a melodic undertone that provides listeners with a sound that delivers something new and refreshing within the genre.


Started in 2006 in the United Kingdom, While She Sleeps has provided the Metal scene with some progressive sounding music over the years.  In 2016 after ten years of playing together, the members decided to make a few changes that brought about a sense of freedom for them.  They decided to become an independent band which allowed them a sense of being able to record and make decisions on their own.


They were able to fund their latest album out now You Are We with the help of fans and supporters through the PledgeMusic campaign.  They even got to record the album in an old warehouse which they renovated into a studio in their hometown of Sheffield.  Right now the band is living the dream, selling out shows and proving they are doing music the way they want to.


The band is Lawrence Taylor on vocals, Mat Welsh on guitars and vocals, Adam Savage on drums, Sean Long on guitar and Aaran McKenzie on bass.  In 2010, they released their EP The North Stands for Nothing and in 2012 they would release their first full length album, This is the Six which would get rave reviews.


‘You Are We’ is the latest album the band has released and it allows fans a chance to hear some hard-core Heavy Metal mixed with some melodies and vocals.  The title track, “You are We” seems to embrace that spirit of Metal mixed with heavy guitar and percussion. Taylor provides screams that turn to singing proving he has the ability to truly access every aspect of his voice.


Some of the songs off the album that will provide listeners with a Hard Rock vibe mixed with some great rhythmic sections are “Steal the Sun”, “Silence Speaks”, “Settle Down Society” and “Hurricane Declick.”  What makes these songs great are they possess all that While She Sleeps embraces with a big Heavy Metal sound but also provide a melodic vibe with some great harmonies and vocal sections by Taylor and Welsh.  They also, all almost seem to bring a sense of Punk vibe into the band’s already unique sound creating some strong percussion sections thanks to McKenzie and Savage.


“Steal the Sun” has a great catchy chorus while “Silence Speaks” is a fast pace tune with some Punk undertone. “Settle Down Society” allows for a pure Hard Rock experience mixed with Metal and melodic sounds adding depth to the song.  “Hurricane Declick” will be a fan favorite with its catchy chorus, Hard Rock and Punk sound all mixed into one great song.


Speaking of fan favorites, “Empire of Silence” and “Revolt” will be fan favorites along with “Hurricane Declick”.  Although musically both songs are quite different they provide some fantastic melodies and some great guitar soloing by Welsh and Long.  “Empire of Silence” has some striking vocal harmonizing from Taylor and Welsh that truly fits and adds depth to this Heavy Metal song. “Revolt” is a full on in your face Heavy Metal tune but also has a sense of some great melodies and even though it’s hard fans will find themselves singing along with fist in the air.


The last song on the album, “In Another Now”, the band’s sounds becomes full circle as they finish with their Heavy Metal traditional sounding song but allows for some melodic singing to shine through.  The band ended the album on a right note allowing for fans to take in all what While She Sleeps has to offer.


While She Sleeps is not another ordinary Metal band.  They have depth and are versatile in their style of being able to bring Hard Rock and Punk mixed in at times into their music.  They have a melodic undertone that breathes a sense of life into their sound that does not make it any less heavy but adds to the sound of what makes up the band. Yes We Are is an album that is unique and one that Metal Heads will embrace.


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