Veseria’s RLTVTY

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

From Indianapolis hails a 4-piece rock group that is sure to knock your socks off. They are genre bending, with a sound encompassing everything from classic rock to punk rock. They are lead by the strong female vocals of Jen Roberts. The band is made up of Jen and her husband Patrick, who both sing and play guitar. It’s rounded out by Corey Lusk on bass and Kyle Perkon on vocals and drums. The Roberts’ team writes the music for the band, and they definitely have a knack for writing great vocals and catchy tunes.
Veseria’s new album RLTVTY is a sound explosion of 13 tracks sure to make you bang your head, dance, and truly enjoy rock music again. “And Also” starts the album off with kind of a folk sound, while “Zenobia” has a heavier sound and is more like a classic rock song. “The First Law of Thermodynamics” has a bit of a country guitar going on, but sounds punk.
In just those first songs you’ll realize how diverse, and yet how amazing, this album is. You can pick it up on Bandcamp,
Enjoy the smoky raspy vocals of Jen on the video for Zenobia, where the band mixes music, art, and simplicity to make a video worth watching.
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