Velvet Winter Releases Her Crystal Heart For All To Hear

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow



I love when I get to hear a powerful female vocalist make music that is really worth listening to. Velvet Winter’s new song “Crystal Heart” is my favorite song of the year. Talon Majors, the singer/songwriter behind this amazing rock gem, has the voice of an angel on the edge. It’s raw, edgy, and powerful, and the video backs her vocals with that same edgy feeling.


From the fire to the water, this video is so eye-pleasing you won’t be able to look away. Majors is talented, beautiful, and a singer to keep an eye on. The lyrics to this song are amazing as well (you can find them on the YouTube video page which is linked below). In fact, there is nothing about this song or video I don’t love.


According to her bio, Majors got her musical start at the tender age of 14. At that time she was taking her aggressions out on a drum set in an era of garage bands. Luckily, she did discover her voice. If you like music by such awesome female vocalists like Halsey and Lana Del Rey, then Velvet Winter will be a welcome addition to your playlist. Nothing I could say about this song could tell you how amazing it is as listening to it yourself.


Check out the video for “Crystal Heart”, I promise you won’t regret it!

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