Trevor Peres Of Obituary Talks With Side Stage Magazine

Written By: Anya Svirskaya

Side Stage Magazine: The new album is absolutely killer. How different are Inked In Blood and Obituary in your opinion and were there differences in the recordings of the two albums?
Trevor Peres: I am glad you like the album, thank you. To compare the two albums is difficult to me. Both albums are straight forward crushing Obituary albums. There are definitely some newer ideas on the new one. Like “A Lesson in Vengeance”, the guitar riff is sort of like a punk riff or something straight off a Celtic Frost song. As far as recording goes, we tracked the instruments the same way as always, so nothing new there. We did have Joe Cincotta mix the album for us. He mixed the Ten Thousand Ways to Die EP/Live album we released back in October of 2016, as well. That is something new for Obituary, so that attributes to the sound of the album, for sure. He has been a live engineer for us over the years, so it was natural to have Joe come on board.

This is your first self-titled album, with a very simple artwork, just the classic logo. For some bands, it’s either a statement or a fresh start. But what’s the case for Obituary?

We named the album Obituary mainly because of the artwork. The cover being a simple black background with our logo. It kind of felt right to just name it Obituary.

This is the second album with Terry and Kenny in the band. How did that impact writing and recording the new album?

When we write songs, the approach is the same. I may come up with a guitar riff at home or in the studio and then, Donald and I will figure out the tempo for the drum beat. We have a Pro Tools recording system, so our instruments are always ready to record, so we’ll hit record to remember the idea for later. We may come back to the new idea in the next few weeks or even the next year. Nothing is ever forced when we approach new songs. Ken wrote 2 songs on the album, so that was nice to have a little help in that department. Obviously, he was free to do whatever leads he wanted to do and did a great job.


What are you personal favorite tracks the record and why?

Not really sure, it is hard for me to have a favorite for anything other than a pro sports team. LOL!!! I really like the opener “Brave”. It just punches you right in the face from the get go.

Which songs were the most challenging to work on?

It is kind of like riding a bike now days, when we create new songs. We just get up on the bike and start pedaling.


Obituary are on the road with Kreator as part of the 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour. What do you look forward to most when you get back on the road?

Seeing the fans reactions to the new songs and old ones, too, is probably the best part of touring. Obviously, the relationship we have with the other bands is always cool, as well.

What’s gonna be happening with Obituary beyond this tour?

Obituary has a 12 date headlining tour with Gruesome in the states in May. We will tour the European festivals in the summer and we are working on another USA tour and a full European tour for the fall.


It’s been 3 decades Obituary formed. What keeps you guys going after all these years?
The love of music and our fans keep us trucking. Plus, at this point, this is all we know.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of The End Complete: Can you share your memories of
making that album?
Wow!!! It has been that long. Totally crazy, right? Well, the return of Allen West was a great thing for me since we
were such big friends and that album was our biggest seller at the time. It really solidified our mark in metal

Looking back at your career and everything Obituary has accomplished, what are some of your
most memorable moments?
I would say that the success we have was never what we would have ever dreamt up. All the bands and people
we have met and all the places we have seen over the years have got to be the best thing we have been a part of.


What is your advice to up and coming bands in this genre?
Just be true to yourself. Play what you like. Do not let anyone tell you what to do musically. Be unique and be
heavy!!! Always watch your back…

What is your message to your fans?
Thank you for all of the support over these last 30 years. If it wasn’t for you the fans Obituary would just be in a
garage, alone…. Stay brutal!!!

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