Tragic Hero Tour At Shakas Live 6/22/2017

Written By: Robert Escue

The Tragic Hero Tour made its sixth stop at Shaka’s Live in Virginia Beach featuring The Dead Rabbitts, SET TO STUN and Northern Ghost and along with four Virginia Beach area bands made for a long Thursday night of music. The original lineup included the progressive metal band Fallout of Fear, but they had to drop off due to their bass player working out-of-town. All of the local bands were limited to twenty-five minute set times.

The show started twenty minutes earlier than advertised with pop punk band Same Time Tomorrow kicked things off playing songs from their 6 song EP Trash.

Find Me Alive was next playing music from their self-titled 4 song EP Find Me Alive released April 2, 2017. The first hints of a mosh pit formed during their set.

Boxford took the stage and played songs from their six song EP Conflicted released December 30, 2016. The crowd liked what they heard but there wasn’t much movement in the pit.

Last of the local bands to play, Virginia Beach based Baroque punk band Rowan got the crowd going to where there was a serious mosh pit as well as several guest singers on stage at various points throughout their set as well as the band playing all over the stage.

First of the touring bands Northern Ghost, who have only been together as a band less than a year played songs from the upcoming album Happy : Sad : Depressed. The crowd liked what they heard and responded with a small pit and lots of headbanging.

The most unorthodox set of the night belonged to SETTOSTUN, whose juxtaposing two guitar players, one playing in the corner of stage right and the other all over the stage including the drum kit while dragging a microphone stand and singing made for some interesting moments.

By the time the Dead Rabbitts took the stage, the crowd had dwindled to about half of what it was when the show started. That did not deter the band as they played though material from their EP Edge of Reality and their two albums Shapeshifter and This Emptiness. For those who stayed to the end of the night they got to see quite a show.

The Tragic Hero Tour will continue through July 15th with its last stop in Fullerton, California. More information can be found here.

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