Toggo Ultrarock’s New Single Cannonball

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Fans of EDM can rejoice in the new album coming from Toggo this summer. While Toggo Ultrarock looks like someone that stepped out of the 80s glam rock scene his music sounds like a new breed. It is definitely dance music, but it has some of that 80s glam rock edge to it. If you’re a fan of either of those genres you will delight in this new song, Cannonball.


The video for Cannonball really helps tell the story behind the song and uses some amazing creative imagery. It’s a video that will peek the interest of music lovers and artists alike. It’s full of unrequited love and artwork bordering on anime. It’s a bouncy song with a great beat.


The most interesting thing about the video, and Toggo’s music, compared to most EDM you’ll experience, is that he has a backing band. It’s not just a guy and his mixer making sounds. On Cannonball, Toggo is backed by Johnny Santoro on guitars, Tony Erickson on drums, and Jay Stevenson on bass.


Check Out The Video Here:

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