Tid (Featuring ex-Ghost members) stream “Fix Idé” at Metal Underground



In anticipation of this Friday’s re-release of their entire discography, Sweden’s TID have teamed up with Metal Underground to stream Fix Idé which is the band’s most recent release.

Stream the album here:  http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=135852

In further news, the band also recently streamed their debut EP Bortom Inom which you can stream  here: https://svbterranean.net/2017/06/30/svb-exclusive-psychedelia-and-post-metal-converge-on-tids-bortom-inom/

Fix Idé is Tid’s most recent album and contains six songs, six different scenarios and six different dreams. Ranging from dark apocalyptic dance music to soundtracks to a dreamlike wandering in ones mind trying to kill reflections of a dark past. With lyrics written in classic verse that brings to mind something old and long since forgotten or hidden, this is a highly different album and band.The band writes music with artwork in mind, and makes artwork with music in mind.

Fix Idé was produced and art directed by Tid, and engineered and mixed by Niels Nielsen [Mastermind and Producer of Dead Soul]. Tid includes member Martin Persner (ex-Ghost / Omega), Claudio Marino and Arvid Persner.

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