Through Fire’s Breathe

Written By: Alexis Coleman

Formally known as the band, Emphatic; Through Fire came about when the current line up of members decided it was time for a them to create a brand new band and music reinventing themselves as Hard Rock’s newest it-band!


Through Fire, hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, has been going non-stop since December 2015.  With their debut album, Breathe (Deluxe Edition) being released April 7, 2017 the band is currently on tour with Black Stone Cherry in support of the album.


The band is made up of Justin McCain on lead guitar, Grant Kendrick on vocals, Patrick Mussack on drums and Jesse Saint on bass.  With a unique Hard Rock sound all their own it’s hard to pick just one song on the album that is a favorite.  Each song truly embraces the heart and soul of Rock music with its killer guitar riffs, steady percussion section and melodic vocal performances.  


Through Fire have created their own special recipe of Hard Rock that listeners walk away from feeling satisfied and like they truly witnessed hearing something special.


Fans of Metallica, Papa Roach and Linkin Park might be attracted to the sound Through Fire has to offer as sometimes vocally and musically you can hear some of the style come through in their music.  However, Through Fire is a true Hard Rock band that has created its own passionate, vibrate melodies and vocal performances that are sure the make any listener  walk away a fan.


The fifteen track deluxe album, Breathe allows the listener to gain some bonuses.   There are three versions of the band’s current single “Breathe”, one being a radio edit, one acoustic version and the last an extended version. This true to the core Rock song was a perfect choice for a single as it provides amazing melodic vocals by Kendrick, amazing guitar soloing by McCain and steady percussion section by Mussack and Saint.


There also are three versions of the Hard Rock song with an edge to it “Stronger”.  With a catchy tune and chorus, this song allows for a true powerful musical performance.  The versions of the song are an Extended, Radio Edit and Acoustic.  It is important to note that the Acoustic version of this song is probably the most moving of all three.   It provides an amazing guitar instrumental throughout the song but especially stunning through the chorus section. Kendrick’s singing is vulnerable yet powerful.


A pleasant surprise cover of Christina Perri’s, “Jar of Hearts” made its way on the album and it is a refreshing Hard Rock version of the original softer and Indie-Pop single. There even sounds like there is a little bit of a Punk vibe mixed into the song making for a fun rendition.

Some other songs that are sure to be fan favorites that each hold their own on the album is “Where You Lie” which is a Hard Rock song filled with an amazing guitar solo in the middle of the song and some screams and whispers mixed in with Kendrick’s singing.

“Damage” and “Blood on My Hands” both provide some catchy chorus sections that will have fans singing along with these heavy songs.

The song that provides a great breakdown jam session in the middle of the tune with an extra heavy percussion section and guitar playing also happens to be the heaviest song on the album, “Take It All Away”.  This will have listeners head banging and fist in the air.  “Lights” is a true rock song and needs to be mentioned for its radio friendly sound that will connect with fans not to mention the outstanding shredding guitar riff by McCain.

Through Fire just might be the next big name in Rock.  Their willingness to create an album that is full of unique sounding true Hard Rock songs is a welcome breath of fresh air.  All fifteen songs including multiple different versions of their single “Breathe” and “Stronger” added depth and versatility to the Deluxe Edition of their album, Breathe.  If anything can be said about Through The Fire they are a not afraid to create music that is from the heart and made to show off some Rock n’ Roll chops.

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