The Attack’s On Condition

Written By: Alexis Coleman


Orlando based, Punk Rock band, The Attack has one agenda in mind and that is to bring the music back to its old school roots. With the belief the Mainstream Punk movement has removed itself from the true meaning of the genre; The Attack is taking on Punk Rock the traditional way.  Disillusioned with the division of Hardcore and Punk due to fashion, social media and idols that have become the face of Punk that the genre challenged during the Seventies and was based around. The Attack, wants to bring about a unification of the music they hold dear, With Charlie Bender (vocals), Tito Esquicqui (drums), Brad Palevich (guitar) and Mikey Cortes (bass). The Attack combines “short, fast-riffing’s songs about the social, music and media-driven politics of today”, creating a unique yet true to old school Punk Rock sound with the release of  On Condition on  November 11, 2016 .

From their first track “Call to Arms”, The Attack provides an in your face Punk Rock experience that will provide the journey for the rest of the album.  With a hint of old school Offspring mixed with Green Day sound ringing through at times The Attack makes a strong statement of the music of days past.

Songs like “Never Again”, “These Nights” and “Title Fight” embrace the fast paced Punk sound but yet have a strong Hard Rock vibe intertwined in the songs.  These songs are sure to be fan favorites of those listeners who embrace more of a Rock energy.  “These Nights” bring in a soulful unique edge to the song having an organ jam along the fast past track.

With songs remnant of showing the power of music and provides some great choruses that “Call to Arms” started the album with are “Reason” and “Betting Man”.  Both these songs prove that the Attack truly embrace the music of old school Punk and the power that music has on one’s life.  With lines  like “my favorite songs help me remember” from “Reason” and “Betting Man” providing a strong chorus hook that will have fans singing along both songs are proof the power of music and its role in one’s life can truly change the world.

The last song on the album “ Forecast” is truly a great finish to On Condition. Staying true to the Punk Rock vibe yet bringing in a Hardcore section allows fans to end the record with what The Attack meant to prove with the album; to bring about their unique sound based around bringing traditional Punk back into the forefront.

On Condition is not an album for the average Punk fan.  It truly is based on the foundation of what Traditional Punk Rock and HardCore was created to sound like. With fast paced in your face music with a silver lining message in each song, creates a distinctive sound only The Attack can claim.

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