T.S.O.L.’s The Trigger Complex

Written By: Michelle Barron

Punk aficionados be advised to keep an elastic mind while tearing into the wrappings of T.S.O.L.’s (True Sounds of Liberty) 11th album titled The Trigger Complex, set for release January 27th 2017 on Rise Records.  The first song “Give Me More” speaks promises of unhinged Punk yet to come. During the progression of this album, however, the ensuing songs evoke powerful images of other iconic bands. “Satellites” and “Going Steady” strongly suggest a timeless influence of The Ramones. The dark power pop imagery of lead single “I Wanted to See You” released on Black Friday 2016 reminiscent of The Motels. “Why Can’t We Do It Again” could sound at home released by more modern power pop/punk pop styling’s of Smash Mouth or Sugar Ray. This reviewer swears some Bob Dylan crept in there on “Nothing Ever Lasts”.  The piano driven “Don’t You Want Me” is mesmerizing and beautiful.  All of this variety directs the listener’s attention AWAY from exactly where it should be. Right there, with the iconoclastic T.S.O.L. While genre jumping is not a new concept to this veteran group, The Trigger Complex is certainly totally different from previous releases in that it appears to be their Ballad Album.  Anthologizing multitudes of influences in one single album may prove to be too much for die-hard punk fans. Fans hungering for the Old days of attitude and anger. This auditory journey ends with “BATS” a lullingly haunting instrumental that, consequentially, leaves the listener wanting more while simultaneously being unclear as to exactly what it is they are wanting.

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