SUM 41 At The Fillmore Silver Spring 5/3/2017

Written By: Eric Littman


As music lovers or fans we all have that band, musician that ignites a fire inside us. And in an industry that has become somewhat muddied and saturated when we find that band, or musician that restores our love for music it becomes a rewarding symbiotic relationship…

On Wednesday March 3rd in Silver Spring MD at The Fillmore Canada’s SUM 41 and myself along with ever fan present entered into that aforementioned “Symbiotic Relationship” and it was an amazing experience.

The evening started off with the duet Chapel who I have to say were simply amazing  with a full sound that given it being a metal show fit like a glove. Following up Chapel were label mates of SUM 41 Emarosa if you have not seen this band you are truly missing one of the most entertaining bands I have seen in a long time.

As we prepared for SUM 41 catching our breath  you could feel within  the packed house at The Fillmore that things were about to get turned upside down, and the chaotic wonderland would be served up to us  by none other than SUM 41.

 Vocalist Deryck Whibley (Vocals and Guitar) sounded incredible, and as a true front man, and artist wasted no time proving just why Cone McCaslin (Bass), Tom Thacker( Lead Guitar), Frank Zummo (Drums), Dave Brownsound (Guitar) are one of the baddest ass bands to take a stage or arena or venue anywhere.

As I stood there watching the show what amazed me was the fact that SUM 41 has been rocking and kicking ass for 20 years, and believe me when I say that didn’t stop them or slow them down from delivering some great metal along with a few surprises for the fans that packed The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD.

With a set list that reviled some of the greatest masterpieces or works of art SUM 41 painted a picture that took us through the old with tracks such as “Fat Lip”, and “In Too Deep” from All Killer, No Filler as well as “Still Waiting” from Does This Look Infected? With broad strokes from their musically palette SUM 41 introduced us  to their newest creation 13 Voices  letting us take in the beauty they have created with tracks like “Goddamn I’m Dead Again” and “Fake My Own Death”.

This evening was far from over as we would soon learn when coming out of a break and without hesitation SUM 41 broke into a cover of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” that left me and every fan in awe, but this wasn’t the only cover that SUM 41 would masterfully feed us because later that night we were treated to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.

As a music fan I have to be honest I was a late listener to SUM 41 maybe it was my ignorance or me being stuck in just Heavy Metal, but over the past few years SUM 41 had become one of those bands for me as a music fan and listener that I always said ”Man I would love to just see that band once”. Well on May 3rd 2017 at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, SUM 41 made that dream that wish whatever you call it a reality, by hands down giving me and the fans one of the greatest performances and shows I’ve seen this year…..

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