Steel Panther’s Lower The Bar

Written By: Suzanne Hall

Steel Panther

Lower The Bar

Released 24th March


Steel Panther, the hot glam rockers known for capturing the hearts of girlfriends and wives around the globe, is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. Mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics as well as their exaggerated on-stage personae unleash their anticipated new album ‘Lower The Bar’

Band Members include:


SATCHEL – Lead Guitar

LEXXI FOXX – Bass Guitar



Lower The Bar is Steel Panther’s fourth studio album produced by Jay Ruston and is their follow up to their 2014 chart topper All You Can Eat.

The album was released on the 24th of March and can be purchased from their website, Amazon, iTunes and Best Buy.


I had the opportunity to review their new album, which has 11 tracks, it delivers and is catchy right from the start to the finish, you won’t be disappointed with Starr’s incredible vocal range throughout the album, the powerful drum beats, the awesome bass and guitar riffs throughout the whole album. It was hard to choose a favorite track from the album but a few include “Goin’ in the Back Door,” “Poontang Boomerang,” and “Wasted Too Much Time” were some of my favorites. The album finishes with their cover of Cheap Trick’s “She’s Tight” featuring Robin Zander himself.


Overall Steel Panther pick up from where they left off before and thankfully there is no sign of them wearing out their welcome just yet. As per previous albums if you are easily offended​ you are definitely not going to want to be buying Lower The Bar.

If you are a fan though, you can be safe in the knowledge that Steel Panther have added another genius half hour or so of ’80s inspired metal mayhem in all their glory.

Track Listing:

1: Goin in the Back Door

2: Anything Goes

3: Poontang Boomerang

4: That’s When You Came In

5: Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out in Beverly Hills)

6: Now The Fun Starts

7: Pussy Ain’t Free

8: Wasted Too Much Time

9: I Got What You Want

10: Walk Of Shame

11: She’s Tight

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