Steel Panther’s Lower the Bar

Written By: Alexis Coleman


For over 20 years,  glam metal rockers Steel Panther have embraced the lifestyle of the 1980’s metal scene writing songs about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll but with a twist of humor and their own style of debauchery.


Steel Panther who has been around since the early 1980’s has lived through the hair metal era of music and has still kept the look and song writing based around the lifestyle that was famous in their hometown of Los Angeles, California.


Rocking makeup, teased hair and leather the band has been able to keep a strong fan base playing music that is reminiscent of the 80’s and lyrics that are intertwined with themes of sex and drugs.  They have taken the whole theme of music and lifestyle and made it their own by adding a twist of humor making them a band that stands out.


The band, made up of Michael Starr on vocals, Satchel on lead guitar, Stix Zadinia on drums and Lexxi Fox on bass has just released their latest album, Lower the Bar.  In true Steel Panther fashion it allows the listener to enjoy a fun ride through the wild world of sex and profanity but shows some truly talented musicianship and vocals.


The first track off the album is “Goin in the Back Door” which allows for Starr to show off his wide vocal range. Satchel in true rock form provided fans with some great guitar riffs as Zadinia and Fox provide solid percussion.


Through all the entertaining lyrics the band sings about they have a talented make up with Starr vocalizing at times in keys that remind one of David Lee Roth. Zadinia is a truly talented drummer who is able to capture the true essence of the hard rock vibe.  Satchel’s guitar playing provides some riffs and solos that are truly jaw dropping while Fox’s bass playing keeps time and adds to the enrichment of the full sound of what Steel Panther is.


Some songs on the album that will be fan favorites with their catchy choruses that will have listeners singing along are “Poontang Boomerang”, “Now the Fun Starts” and “I Got What You Want”.  There is no doubt that with the band’s delivery of the tunes with their humorous nature and true hard rock style the fans will be chanting along with the choruses.


Do not let Steel Panther fool you underneath that sense of humor and their sexual themed lyrics their just might be some guys who truly can write about love.  “That’s When You Came In” is an acoustic tune that changes to hard rock and is about a special someone who might be out there.  A song about unrequited love is “Wasted Too Much Time” which seems to be delivered by Starr and co. with a bitterness proving there may not be any love lost to this story.


Two songs mentioning their fun nature are “Wrong Side of the Tracks” and “Walk of Shame”.  Both songs will be embraced by the fans with their themes packed with sexual humor and strong musical and vocal delivery.

The last song on the album “She’s Tight” has a punk hard rock theme that is reminiscent of The Ramones at times. This song sums up the album and its contents lyric and music wise.  It truly is probably the most debaucherous song on the album.


Steel Panther has done what many bands have not been able to do and that is keep on providing fans with a full on hair metal experience with the sex, drug and rock n’ roll theme for over 20 years in a time when many would say the scene died long ago.  The band has provided over- the- top live shows and pure rock experience every time they hit the stage.  Their albums show off a playful side but the band’s talent shines through. Lower the Bar is an album that any fan of the glam metal age wants to get their hands on and rock out to some twisted and humorous rock songs.


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