Space Motel’s Arrival

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Rhode Island funk rock band, Space Motel, has a new album full of soulful music that sounds like a blend of blues, funk, jam band, and a taste of rock. It’s an interesting sound that you’ll like if you enjoy a full-band sound in your music.


Can You Use This is a short track that gives one a good intro to the sound you will find on this album. The songs are dominated by calm, bluesy lyrics backed with a steady beat and some great horn work. In fact, it’s the horns that stood out the most to me on this album.


Blackwoods was my favorite track. It has a relaxing groove throughout most of the song, but then the music enhances to momentarily give it a more powerful feel before going back into that calm and relaxing beat.


If you prefer loud music that is full of edits from a studio, this isn’t the music you’re looking for. It almost has that vintage feel, like it was recorded in a jam space. I think that adds to its ambiance. This is Space Motel’s second album, and it shows a lot of growth. If you want a sound that is less radio and more backwoods music festival, give it a listen.


You can stream (and buy) the album here:

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