Sluka’s Colorful Radiation

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Sluka is a musician hailing from San Diego who has recorded 11 studio albums and has made a Blu-ray video as well. Colorful Radiation is Christopher Sluka’s newest release and it lives up to the Vancouver Weekly’s reference to him being a “Modern day renaissance man.” His music is creative, interestingly recorded, confusing and beautiful.


The first track, “Number One,” on this album really sounds like it was inspired by the late great David Bowie. The music video for this song is a little bit fun and crazy (just watch it). Sluka’s music can be compared to the sounds of Bowie, as well as Imagine Dragons, Radiohead, and Coldplay. It has that same trippy musical sound, kind of like rock music from another plant.


Where many rock songs have the most lyrical focus on the chorus, Sluka’s songs are focused throughout. You want to hear it all and not just pick out certain words or lines that stand out to you. The music accompanying his vocals adds to the mystique of it and makes this album a relaxing treat to listen to.


The first track really stands out, but the entire album is a great soundtrack for the day. Listen to it when you have time to actually listen, whether it’s during some yoga or while you’re stuck in a rush hour commute.


You can listen to (and purchase) this release on Bandcamp, album/colorful-radiation, and watch the video for Number One on Youtube, v=o6mSYteeMXM&app=desktop.

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