Side Stage Magazine Chats With Witchapter

Written By: Suzanne Hall

Side Stage Magazine: Firstly thank you for taking some time out for my interview. I’d love to learn more about you guys and your band.

Cool, let’s do it.


Let’s start at the beginning, how did Witchapter come together? Where did it all start for you? Has the band always been involved in music?

We’ve known each-other for years, I’d say getting on for ten to be more precise. We hung out in the same places, went to the same gigs and played together with former bands so we’ve always been pretty tight. This band is essentially an outlet for us to play music we love and have a good time doing it. We’ve always been fans of heavy music and we started talking about putting something new together in April of last year, spent a few months jamming through ideas and then went to see our friend Sam Thredder in the summer to record an EP.


How did the name come about?

This was basically the 2nd of 2 options, chosen mostly because it lends itself to interesting visual and lyrical content. We are all into our history and folklore in all its forms and the medieval ages, particularly surrounding the formation of the church and its laws in the UK, provides a poignant topic to explore through the medium of music.


You have a debut CD coming out soon called Spellcaster, can you tell us more about this release and what we can expect?

Well this is the 3 songs we worked on and completed during our first summer as a band. There was other bits and pieces of ideas floating around at the time too, but these were the ones we focussed on the most and developed into what you hear on Spellcaster. You’ve got a mixture here of fast riffs and racing drums right next to slowed down, discordant structures. I (Chris) tend to lean towards music that moves through tempos and variety rather than holding down one particular style and this is exactly the kind of music we make.


Where will fans be able to purchase your album?

From the 7th April you will be able to buy this in physical and download formats from Blackbow Records (http://www.blackbowrecords. com/) iTunes and of course from us at shows.


Do you have any upcoming tour dates or international tour dates?

We have a few ‘one off’s’ booked in:

26th May @ The Arches, Coventry w/ Space Witch and Grim Ravine

5th August @ Herofest, Red Lion, Gravesend w/ Allfather

26th August @ Riff Fest, The Alma, Bolton

24th November The Alma, Bolton w/ Bad Kush and Vow

On top of this we are looking a short run in Northern Europe later in the year.


Where’s the best place for fans to keep up to date on upcoming tours etc? Eg:Website, social media sites.

Despite it being one of the roots of evil in modern society I would have to say Facebook.


What’s your most memorable moment as a band so far?

There’s been some good one’s regardless of only being together a short while; hearing our record back for the first time, joining Black Bow Records and Dead Pig Entertainment (EU agent), getting played on Terrorizer. We’re very fortunate to have made this kind of headway in such a short time and we are truly grateful for it!


What’s next for you all?

Well we are writing all the time at the moment, the idea is to work on a full length in between rehearsing for gigs, and get out there, play where we can, when we can and hopefully get an album ready by the end of summer this year.


And finally anything else you would like to add or tell your fans.

Thank you for your support, for buying merch, for coming out to gigs, for telling your friends about us, for all of it. This is what keeps bands like ours going. See you soon!



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