Screaming For Silence’s House Of Glass EP

Written By: Eric Littman



Screaming For Silence clearly has shown their need and desire to evolve as a band.  That drive and ambition has reached far beyond their collective roots Omaha Nebraska where they were spawned. With their accolades too numerous to count the band has still remained grounded and focused always on the fans and providing them with the best music and show experiences they can. Screaming For Silence have reached deep into hard rock and heavy metal backbone and traveled down a road paved with a grueling tour schedule and well as many of life’s obstacles clearly a path that most would avoid. They have emerged on the sunny side of those travels though as one of the hardest working independent touring bands to take any stage.

With their newest EP release House Of Glass the groups third release they have found an energy through personal discovery which Screaming For Silence’s singer Zeb Christensen attributes to the creation of the songs and writing on this album, along with his belief in his band, his brothers Danny Irwin (Guitar/Vocals), Casey Newsom (Lead Guitar), Matt Tatroe (Drums) and newest member Colin Smith (Bass) . When asked why and EP instead of a full length album “We wanted to get something out there to the fans” explains Christensen “It’s been too long and we were getting antsy”

With “House Of Glass” the band flew back out to Los Angeles and worked with renowned producer Erik Ron whom they had worked with before on “The King Is Crowned “Cd. “House Of Glass” shows an unmistakably upbeat, energy that’s fueled by the title track “House Of Glass with dramatic, and dynamic guitar riffs provided by Newsom, and Irwin and the powerful range of Christensen’s vocal’s it instantly grabs the listener and pulls you in.  Next to make the listeners palette salivate we are fed one of Christensen’s favorites off the EP: “Long Way Up” which through listening one can appreciate and understand the struggles that the band has faced and had to overcome over the past years.

Fans will definitely find that the House Of Glass EP celebrates the continued progression of Screaming For Silence. With the remaining tracks such as “BeetleJuice” showcasing the tremendous art the Matt Tatroe and Colin Smith produce for the foundation that drives every song on the album. However in true Screaming For Silence fashion though they continue to push the envelope of their creative freedom by offsetting the album ever so slightly with two songs that are more introspective “In Your Eyes’”and “Worth Fighting For” showing a more emotional side of the band and of their collective song writing, but remaining true to the intensity that is Screaming For Silence.

As Christensen states pertaining to the House Of Glass EP “The band is in this together; we find strength or inspire one another” and “Our Fans know and see this and we are and will remain always so grateful for each of them and their support”.

Screaming For Silence Is:

Zeb Christensen – Vocals

Danny Irwin – Guitar/Vocals

Casey Newsom – Lead Guitar

Matt Tatroe – Drums

Colin Smith – Bass

For More Information Please Visit:

http://www.screamingforsilence .com/ mingForSilenceBand creamingforsilence/193240755 ockS4S bum/screaming-for-silence/id95 6620035 creamingforsilence

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