Sam Levin’s Frame of Mind

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Sam Levin is only 15-years old and he is already a very accomplished and talented singer/songwriter. His new album Frame Of Mind doesn’t sound like something one might expect from a teenager. It’s an amazing piece of work that has the sounds of Coldplay, Modest Mouse, Kings Of Leon, and more. You definitely get a feel of his musical inspirations.

“Shades Of Pale” is a great song, with what sounds like finger snapping in the background (and that could be exactly what it is). The lyrics are poetic and beautiful. Anyone with an affinity for fairy tales will enjoy them. This song is so simple, yet it is complex in so many ways. It definitely shows the talent this young man has musically.

Of the twelve songs on this album, “Hide And Seek” is another song worth getting a brief mention. I couldn’t listen to this one without tapping my foot. It’s not a happy go lucky song, not at all, but the beat is so catchy you just have to tap your foot, nod your head, or slap your knee to it.

I am excited to see what the future holds for Sam Levin!

Listen to the song “Hide And Seek” here:

Watch the video for “Shades Of Pale” here:

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