Saint Blasphemer’s Theotokos Takes Rock And Metal To A New Place

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


If you’re looking for some great music, look no further than this new EP from California rockers Saint Blasphemer. Theotokos is a mastermind of musical genius in one 5-song album. It has a sound that spans from 70s metal (like Black Sabbath) to today’s radio played metal (like Volbeat). They’ve also been compared to bands like Tool, Nirvana, and even Danzig. The thing is, they are genre bending and could fit into many rock and metal categories.


I actually enjoyed all of the songs on this EP. “Collapse” opens the album with a song that sounds like it could be by Volbeat, and it ends with the title track that sounds much like classic Black Sabbath. In between is a lot of greatness.


None of the songs are super loud or overpowered by the sounds of the instruments. The vocals are clear and the words to the songs have a meaning. In fact, according to the band’s bio, some of their “songs express the frustration of seeing friends and family members struggle with addiction.” They also have songs that talk about what it feels like to be alienated or experience loss.


If you like metal and rock of the 70s, those genres in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the rock and metal of today, you might want to give this album a listen.


You can check it out here:


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