Roger Jaeger on the Elevator

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


The song is called “Elevator” and the video begins with a guy getting on, guess what? An elevator (clever concept, right?). Then more people get on. Then everyone but the first guy gets off, and the music starts.


Roger Jaeger has a great voice, his music has a pop sensibility. His music is compared to Coldplay, but I feel like he could be compared to many of the pop acts of the last decade or so, from Daughtry to Mumford and Sons. Not to say this music is something you can find for a dime a dozen, it’s just a popular sound that sticks around. It’s easy listening. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It tells a story.


The story of “Elevator” seems to be about a guy looking for some adventure. Take a listen if you want an inspirational song that will push you to do something with your life. The lyrics are good, but I was most drawn to the guitar work on this song. Aside from that, the video takes you on an adventure just like the words do.


I definitely like this song and feel like it’s one of those that you’ll be happy to hear on the radio or when you stroll through a store. It has a good sound and is very catchy.

Check out the video yourself-

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