Rich Lerner and The Groove’s Push On Thru

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Rich Lerner and The Groove is a jam band. They have an authentic jam band sound that is groovy and fun to listen to. It’s music to dance to and music to get lost in.


This band has been around since the early 2000s. Prior to that Lerner was releasing solo albums. If you like fun music that is great for a party atmosphere, the music of Rich Lerner and The Groove is just what you need.


This newest release, Push On Thru, is a 10-song CD of groove music that will have you moving. It’s perfect music for anyone that is a fan of jam music, and especially fans of The Grateful Dead. In fact, this band does an event paying homage to the Dead, called “Night of the Grateful Groove.”  They also do a show of Rolling Stones songs called “Exile on Groove Street”.


The title track for Push On Thru will sell you on listening to the rest of the CD. It is traditional groove music that will help you push on thru. The song is motivational and inspirational. “She Kept My Room Warm” is a great song to slow dance with the person you’ve had your eye on at the party, or to dance with the person you came with. It’s a slower song, it’s a love song.


It’s nice that the sound of this album is very jam filled, but not all of the songs sound the same. Your ears will be pleased with the differences from song to song. Plus, the lyrics are well written and worth listening to.


You can listen to the album here,, or buy it here,

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