Revolushn’s Further

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

“Dinosaurs rule the world, they’re calling all the shots.” It’s a song about dinosaurs, called “Dinosaurs”, or maybe it’s a song about all of the old people in charge. Whatever it’s about, it’s a great song. It also has a pretty killer guitar solo. And, it’s the lead track off the new album, Further, from Revolushn.
This band has a unique sound. They blend a psychedelic rock sound with a metal vibe that also, often, sounds like a jam band. It’s hard to compare them to other bands, but from time to time you’ll feel like they’re being inspired by classic rock and metal, like Black Sabbath.
There are nine songs on this new album, including “Dog Gets High” (interesting name, right?). The video for this one is available on Youtube. The song and video are as trippy as you would think they’d be by the name of the song. This one definitely shows the bands psychedelic colors.