A Preview Of Papa Roach’s Crooked Teeth

Written By: Suzanne Hall

California rock band Papa Roach are back and are set to release their ninth studio album called Crooked Teeth to be released on May 19th, 2017.


Band Members include:

Jacoby Shaddix – Vocals

Jerry Horton – Guitars

Tobin Esperance – Bass

Tony Palermo – Drums


They have just released 4 new songs…

“Born For Greatness,” “Crooked Teeth,” “Help,” and “American Dreams.”


“Born For Greatness” is a heavier sound with the classic rap/rock sound reminiscent of the old Papa Roach but with a new take on it, it has pulsing beats, pounding drumming that drives the songs energy. The song has also been chosen as the theme song for WWE’s Payback Event on April 30th.

“Crooked Teeth” also the name on their upcoming album and first track off the album, is a high energy song with rhythmic verses,powerful drums that lead the song throughout, the chorus sounds melodically and powerful with Jacoby Shaddix’s screaming. The dynamic of the song really stands out strongly.

“Help” has that punk/rock feel to it and sounds incredibly catchy with melodic vocals throughout, it also has brief acoustic moments thrown in. The song being left open to interpretation, be it struggling with inner demons such as mental illness, addiction, or other such personal affliction, to any other hardship allows the listener to derive their own meaning from it and make “Help” their own personal anthem if they can relate. And there’s no mistaken it, “Help” is an anthem in a sense.

“American Dreams” sounds like they have gone back to old school Roach, The song starts off with a strum of a guitar and builds up throughout  with an anthemic chorus, the song itself sounds like a political song with views on today’s issues like war and neighbourhood violence.


After reviewing their singles, I can say I think their new album will have that old classic Roach sound to it with a new take on it with their creative process and will be a hit for fans of the band.

Papa Roach has an upcoming North American tour, all tour dates/tickets can be viewed on their website and their new album will be available in both standard and deluxe editions.




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