Pierce The Veil: We Will Detonate Tour

Written By: Eric Littman


May 3rd 2017 Silver Spring MD at The Fillmore featured The We Will Detonate tour in my opinion one of the best lineups for a show I have seen thus far all year. With Pierce The Veil headlining, and being supported by from Sum 41, Emarosa, and Chapel. , this tour has been blowing the roofs off of venues all over the US. Thankfully I was lucky enough to be able to cover this show and I was not disappointed.

First up was Chapel an electronica/punk duo. Featured Kortney Grinwis who some may recognize  from her former band Favorite Weapon, along with guitarist/vocalist Carter Hardin who was formerly with Nightmares. With a performance that showcased their combined natural abilities, while not diluting their overall show something the fans responded to and you could hear through The Fillmore as we were singing right along with them.

Next up was Emarosa.  Not really knowing much about Emarosa, they left me with a lasting impression dare I say commanding impression. Singer Bradley Walden left me speechless. His connection to the crowd and his performance was as cliché as this sounds “Real” you could feel his passion, his angst. Emarosa has amazing stage presence which was never more evident than when singer Bradley Walden flipped bassist Ryan Kienie while he was singing never missing a beat. Emarosa proved just why they were the band for this tour.

SUM 41 we all know them but and if you didn’t you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years. With a look and an energy that reminded you just why SUM 41 is still here and kicking ass.  SUM 41 roared onto the stage opening with “Fake My Own Death” and there was no slowing down. Keeping that raw energy and speed SUM 41 ignited the crowd and surprised us with some well-placed covers in “Master Of Puppets” (Metallica), and “We Will Rock You” (Queen) as they took us on a journey of their own creation spanning the past 20 years.

The moment we were all waiting for Pierce The Veil had arrived. With a massive production that seemed fitting only for a headlining arena show they established the power and the dominance that we the fans know them for. As the curtain dropped before us all there stood a figure dressed in black with glowing eyes with his hands on the pulse of the detonator. With and explosion Pierce The Veil stood before us with the energy and swagger that made the crowd at The Fillmore come alive it was amazing almost captivating as I stood and watched.  Pierce The Veil’s show was flawless from the basic mechanics of the show to their individual and collective performance it was perfect. If you have the chance or opportunity to be able to catch the We Will Detonate Tour in your town I highly recommend it, If not it will be one of those tours that you will be hearing about for a long time and kicking yourself for not seeing.


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