Pentagram at Le’ Poisson Rouge 4/22/2017

Written By: Sebastian Bjorn Benedict


As Circle Talent Agency  promoted these shows little did they know that some unexpected controversy would take place.


The lineup of the evening was Brant Bjork, the multi-Instrumentalist from California who is one of the progenitors of Stoner Rock. Having him on the road and coming out this far is a rarity because his music and vibe will leave a natural feeling of just being bouldered.


Representing the fellow weedians from the North, Canada’s own; Black Wizard are new to the the game. However they have been blazing the northern sky’s since 2008 and are ready to take things into the future. Representing the South are Georgia’s own Royal Thunder. Their sound is always rooted in Psychedelica added with a splash of a Stoner and Hard Rock style. The special guest of the evening the band members of Pentagram.


Before the show, after having stability and extensive touring the Pentagram Trio announced that  Bobby Liebling had entered rehab and the band will fill out the shows without him.

So stoner evening was ” LIT ” as the buzz for a night of ” Stoner / Doom ” was about to happen.


Black Wizard is out promoting New Waste in which they devoted most of the set list playing songs  like “Harsh Time” ” Vivian Girls” “Unnecessary Evil” and the fast pace driven song ” The Priest “. The short but sweet set already set the tone and a reminder to keep our eyes and ears  ready for the next time the come to NYC.


Royal Thunder did a mix bag of music and it’s my first time seeing them live. While I’m unable to place which songs from which releases they included into their set,  they made me into a new fan.  Songs like ” April Showers ” had a haunting reminiscence  of Stevie Nicks. God bless the voice of Mlny Parsonz. Josh Weaver,  the mind behind the band lead the group with songs like ” Burning Tree “, ” Wick “, and ” Tied “.


Brant Bjork hit the stage with his usual swagger and anyone who had the pleasure of experiencing him will tell you ” What setlist “, to the newcomers in the audience. True to form , he’s all action and all play. Little words were spoken as he played for an hour with his band members in a jam session formation.

Victor Griffin, the riff master of Pentagram did not disappoint doing double duty on vocals. The three piece  played intensely and focused. No showboating, no goggly eyes the tone was reminiscent of Wino. The human emotion of Greg Turley with his grinding bass all badass meeting his brother in the music Pete Campbell on drums. They soldiered on and  everyone in attendance noticed  that the music of Pentagram will remain. The legacy and importance of songs like ” Sign of the Wolf ” , ” Forever My Queen” and “Relentless ”  will live on. What happened tonight showed the world that Pentagram is in us.  We the fans are Pentagram and Pentagram are the fans. Thank you Victor Griffin for being that face and reminding us that.

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