Pacific Radio’s Kitchen Table

Written By: Alexis Coleman

Los Angeles Rock band, Pacific Radio just released their debut EP,Kitchen Table on January 6, 2017.   The songs on the EP have a theme revolving around unrequited love from young ladies that have mistreated singer/guitarist, Joe Robinson in the past. Kitchen Table portrays a Pop Rock feel and even with the theme of the EP gives off a catchy upbeat sweet sounding vibe to the songs.

The band made up of former The Ringers’ members Robinson and Joe Stiteler (bass) started the band in 2010.  Kyle Biane came on later as the bands other guitarist, while Hyke Shirinaian provided drums. The band officially became Pacific Radio in 2015.  The band is currently working on its debut album with Grammy nominated engineer, Eric Weaver.

The EP starts off with its title track, “Kitchen Table.”    This upbeat Rock song has a strong bass and percussion section, allowing for guitars to complement and solo during parts of the song adding some amazing riffs.  The harmonies and complementary vocals from the band go nicely with the song and show off Robinson’s strong vocals. This song has a U2 vibe to it and certainly will give fans a powerful introduction to the music of Pacific Radio.

“Katie” is a love song about a girl, who from the lyrics and tone of the song will never be with Robinson.  There is a Punk Rock vibe mix together which provides for a faster paced vocal, percussion and guitar section that brings in an up-tempo vibe.

Listeners will be surprised with, “L.A. is Pretty (but it’s killing me)” as it is a pretty traditional slower downbeat Blues with a hint of Rock song.  With melodic vocals by Robinson paired with a steady bass performance by Stiteler and percussion section by Shirinaian on drums it allows for Biane to fill the song with an emotional guitar strumming and even a moving solo.  This song is a pleasant surprise and if there is anything that can be said about this song is Pacific Radio knows how to play the Blues right.

Last song on the EP, is a faster paced tune with some more Punk and Rock steady vibe that starts with an organ heard way off in the distance and then as the beginning of the song starts the bass takes lead while a solid percussion and guitar performance provides accompaniment.  As the song builds it become more Punk based with a catchy chorus that is sure to have fans and listeners singing along “Na,Na, Na,Na,Na…”  This song is a fun and great way to end the EP and shows off a lively side of the band.

Pacific Radio is a band that listeners will fall in love with from their Pop Rock to Punk Rock tempos and upbeat sound.  Even with a theme around heartache and love each song has its own sound and style.The unshakable messages in the lyrics will resonate with the fans and catchy tunes will draw them into the beat. Pacific Radio truly has a gift for taking their music mixed with unrequited love lyrical content and making it something fans of Pop and Rock will enjoy.

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