Only A Visitor’s Lines

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Lines is the newest release from Vancouver’s art-pop quintet Only A Visitor. This band has an amazing and unique sound that is sure to cure your ennui and melancholy. The music is fun, intriguing, full of imagery, and it is thought-provoking on so many levels.


If you enjoy female fronted bands, but you want something with some pop sensibility and vocals that sound like they came from heaven above, this album can give you that. The first song, “Bird Sanctuary,” starts off with some amazing piano work and is soon accompanied by some humming. This gives it such a full sound and it makes it hard to stop listening. Once the vocals come into play you’ll be hooked.


All of the songs on this album, there are 9 of them, have a unique sound but play well together on this album filled with joys and sorrows. Songs like Lines, the title track, will have you thinking thoughts you’ve never thought before, like what the love of a mother entails. Songs like “Foggy Streets” will remind you of childhood nursery rhymes and still feel like a song you can enjoy and feel moved by.


It’s just a wonderful conglomeration of amazing tunes. If you’ve been on the hunt for some pop music that isn’t bland or sounds too much like the junk on the radio, this is what you’ve been waiting for.


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