Niq Reefman Makes Genre Defying Musical Tales

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


This new 11-song release from Australian singer/songwriter Niq Reefman can best be described as unique. It’s called A Selection of Musical Tales, and that is exactly what it is. As you listen to each song you’ll hear a story. “Witch Doctor” is about a guy pulling herbs for healing remedies. “Close Shave” is about just that, a close shave at the barber’s shop. “Glue” is about sniffing glue, apparently a pastime for school kids not of my generation.


The songs almost sound like something a child could listen to, but the songs are a little adult themed (unless you want your kids to start sniffing glue). Each song sounds different, going from peppy, to sinister, to nightclub-esque (the type of nightclub with cigars and fine whiskey).


It’s definitely an interesting album and full of all sorts of sounds and instruments. Keyboard, trumpet, accordion, ukulele, and more are evident in this musical menagerie. Reefman, impressively, plays all of these things himself. If you want to try something new in music that defies genre, check this album out.

Listen to A Selection of Musical Tales here:

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