The Nearly Deads – Revenge of the Nearly Deads EP

Written By: Alexis Coleman


The Nearly Deads bring Pop and Hard Rock together to create a sound all their own making them a force to be reckoned with by mixing powerful melodic vocals and an in your face musical performance into every song.


Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee The Nearly Deads have proved themselves to be quit the powerhouse of a band.  Touring nonstop and with a handful of accolades to show for it the band has proven to love what they do and are not afraid to take the steps to make their music dreams come true.


The Nearly Deads are Theresa Jeane on vocals and keyboard, Kevin Koelsch on bass, Steven Tobi on lead guitars, Josh Perrone on drums and Javier Garza, Jr on rhythm guitar.   The band has played the major music festival scene such as Van Warped Tours and Summerfest.  They have toured with American Rejects, Halestorm and even in 2015 were on the Black Widow Tour with In This Moment and The Butcher Babies.  


The band also has had some success with winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest along with coming in as the #14 spot on Billboard’s Big Sound Chart.  Their first single “Never Look Back”  gained over 7 million views and they have been featured in magazines such as Revolver and Alternative press to name a few.


Currently the band’s debut album, Invisible Thoughts is out while their latest EP, Revenge of the Nearly Deads will be released May 19, 2017.  The new EP is made up of six songs all which are different and unique in sound but stay true to The Nearly Deads style of Pop Rock fused with some aggressive Hard Rock.


The Revenge of the Nearly Deads EP starts off with “Diamond in the Rough”.  With heavy guitar riffs by Tobi and Garza, Jr and a steady percussion session brought to you by Perrone and Koelsch the song proves to be a powerhouse.  Jeane’s vocals are powerful with a Pop vibe which sounds perfect together with the Hard Rock song showing off the band’s signature sound.


“My Evil Ways” has as punk feel to it and musically it’s a real in your face Rock song.  Tobi provides a killer guitar solo in the middle of the song that plays nicely off Garza, Jr’s rhythm guitar strumming.  Perrone provides some rolling drum parts that add into the mix while Koelsch keeps a steady bass section going. Jeane’s gives a strong Pop vocal performance adding to the depth of the song.


The next song on the album “Not Listening” is sure to be a fan favorite.  With a catchy chorus listeners are sure to have their hands in the air and sing along with the tune.  The song has a heavy bass and drum presence that fits well with this upbeat Pop-Rock song.

Hard Rock song “Revenge” has a strong guitar presence with many amazing breakdowns during the tune.  Its shows off how talented guitar players Tobi and Garza, Jr. are as they make their presence known.  Koelsch has a few solos that truly show off his skill as a gifted bass player.  Perrone keeping time on drums provides a strong sense of his own style of playing.  Jeane mixes melodic powerful Pop vocals that bring the whole song together proving she is a diverse singer.


“Frequencies” has an Alternative Rock vibe to it.  Although the song has slower sections to it over all it is a defiantly a Rock song at its core.  What is so amazing about this song is Jeane’s vocals. One moment she is singing in a low range and another she is soaring to higher notes.  She shows off her range as a singer. Jeane also plays keyboards which add to the guitar and percussion section depth of the song.  Tobi provides a stunning guitar solo where the listener can feel the passion in his playing.


The last song on the EP is a ballad that is probably the most powerful song on the album.  It’s meaning about love truly allows for Jeane’s solo singing and keyboard playing to grab the fan  by the soul and reel them in.  An orchestra background comes in at one part of the song, followed by a heavy section for a short while where Perrone plays drums that add range and just the right Rock touch.  This truly was the perfect song to end the EP off on.   Jeane truly is giving of herself vocally singing melodic and soulful, while she plays keys to provide the backdrop.


What can be said about The Nearly Deads is their music is full of depth, passion and Pop vocals mixed with Hard Rock.  There is a truth and honesty in the every note sung and played.  Their song writing is spot on and provides a mixture of topics but always seem to be of a positive nature. The Nearly Deads have a strong future and the new EP Revenge of the Nearly Deads is sure to be a great success.

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