NAMM 2016 Day 4

The LAST day of NAMM is a great day to be there. I think most NAMM goers were sleeping off a hangover from all the shows and parties from Saturday night. It was pretty quiet. There was plenty of room to walk around, enjoy some jam sessions, and talk one on one with vendors.
I spent some time with Larry Shushan, saxophonist for The Chocolate Revolution and Wilovalot Group, and also Walter Gentry, saxophonist for his own band WG and the G men. Mouthpieces in hand we went over to Cannonball Saxophones booth. The instruments are beautiful! Check them out at
Larry and Walter chose a wish list instrument and started jamming with strangers. It is pretty amazing to watch musicians connect on the musical level with no words spoken.
Audix Microphones is the winner of two industry awards. Winner of the 2015 MMR Dealers Choice Award for Microphone Line of the Year. Also, the winner of the 2015 Product of the Year from Everything Audio Network. Check them out at
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars caught my attention, because my daughter is a rocker girl. Daisy Rock Guitars was founded by TIsh Ciravolo in 2000. Ciravolo wanted to “level the playing field” for dedicated female guitarist and bassists. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars has sold over 200,000 guitars in more than 26 countries. Tish Ciravolo has received many awards including in 2009, Guitar Goddess Magazine’s “Trailblazer Award”. In 2012, she was honored with the “She Rocks Award” at the NAMM Show. Ciravolo has also been inducted into the Museum of Making Music_ the world’s premier museum showcasing the history of the music products industry. Daisy is a guitar for many big names including Joan Jett, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Dolly Parton, and Miley Cyrus to name a few.

Evolution Guitars is also proud to offer the unique interchangeable face-plate system on several of their models. This innovative and modular design allows artists and players to change the look and tone of their guitar by swapping one face for another without having to remove the guitar strings, allowing for an unlimited capacity for customization and flexibility.
Check out this new technology at

Dave Mustaine, front man for Megadeth was the big signing of the day at Dean Guitars. I got a few photos before security shooed me out. As I’m walking away Vic Rattlehead is walking up! He took his place behind Dave Mustaine at the signing. Check for upcoming Tour Dates starting February 20th to major cities.

NAMM was wrapping up for the year. I thought I’d take one last spin around the Halls. I saw a big crowd, so I hurried over. It must be something really good. Just one of the biggest games of the year, Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady for the AFC Championship on a big screen tv. Security tried to get us to clear the aisle, but with 3 minutes left and an uncertain ending, nobody was moving. Big shout out to Adam Professional Audio ( for showing the game. From the cheering at the end of the game, I’m pretty sure everyone was a Manning fan…or at least just not a Brady fan.
NAMM is an amazing event to see the latest technologies, meet your mentors, and do a lot of networking. Looking forward to NAMM 2017!

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