MRI/Megaforce and RED Distribution Kick Off The Mindful Vinyl Initiative With 10th Anniversary Reissue of Bad Brains’ “Build A Nation”

MRI/Megaforce and RED Distribution
Kick Off The Mindful Vinyl Initiative
With 10th Anniversary Reissue of
Bad Brains’ “Build A Nation”

MINDFUL VINYL is a new music-based initiative designed to further the conversation/spread awareness about mental health issues.  The organization’s releases, done with socially responsible label partners, will raise money for charitable organizations and provide fans with limited-edition vinyl pieces from new and classic artists.
The first MINDFUL VINYL release comes out May 5, 2017 and is being done with partners, Megaforce/MRI.  The release will be a limited-edition, green vinyl copy of the classic BAD BRAINS album, BUILD A NATION. 
MINDFUL VINYL founder, Michael Heyliger, has worked at RED Distribution (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) in sales and has been a publicist, journalist and radio host at different times throughout his career.  Heyliger explains “I’ve been inspired by other musical charity initiatives, and I wanted to bring light to mental and emotional wellness in a fun and creative way. Music has helped me through hard times in my life, and I know that many others-musicians and fans alike-share the same sentiment.”  Furthermore, he adds “It’s an honor to be able to re-introduce this classic Bad Brains title to the public after several years out of print.”
It is significant for many reasons that BUILD A NATION is Mindful Vinyl’s premiere release.  Robert John, owner of Megaforce Records explains of the album’s place in rock history “Bad Brains’ Build A Nation was an important album for the band. It reunited the original line-up with Beastie Boy Adam Yauch producing. It’s a stunning album that shows all the band’s influences.”  The world of BAD BRAINS was all about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and lends well to the cause.  Jed Foundation’s Executive Director / CEO John MacPhee explains  “One of Bad Brains’ most profound contributions to the hardcore punk scene was positive thinking. Their ability to bring a sense of connectedness to a genre that confronts alienation and cynicism has made their legacy particularly unique.”

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