Moscow’s Queen of Sin

Written By: Eric Littman

In world or a genre that has been dominated by machismo and testosterone  filled angst, sometimes history calls for change, showing us that there is one out there that can turn the established order upside down and shake loose something that has been missing and that people have been hungering for.

Moscow or you can call her Tsaritsa (queen) is the kick in the nuts and the awakening that Metal has needed. With the release of “Queen Of Sin” Moscow not only shows us that metal can be ravenous, and carnal but it can also have beauty. It’s that recipe of raw brutality, and beauty that you hear in the track “Queen Of Sin”. Moscow lays out lyrically a story painting a portrait for the listener to envision in there head of the eternal struggle between life and death and the good in each of us and the sin that all of us have burning inside which we fight trying to keep it hidden.

With a voice that resonates pure strength and amazing range Moscow’s vocals grab you in almost a hypnotic state leaving you trying to envision the song from its roots as it was being recorded to what it must sound like and feel like to hear it in its truest unadulterated form that being live. Moscow’s amazing range when the chorus breaks in leaves you with chills as the hairs on the back of your neck stand as she unleashes a Banshee guttural growl as she is the “Queen Of Sin”.

After listening to the track I found myself going back and listen to it again and again picking out the vocal’s and listening to the words and hearing a voice that isn’t cookie cutter or overproduced, but more melodic and sculpted much like a fine  statue or piece of art. Letting the track pull me in closer to dig deeper into my cerebellum the muscles begin to tighten and my head starts to drop as I find myself banging my head right along with every beat from this amazing track. Leaving the rest of my mind and body wondering how can get more and how have I been able to survive without Moscow and the “Queen of Sin” as part of the blood that courses through my veins.

It’s clear to me that if “Queen Of Sin” is a direct indicator of what to expect from Moscow then I truly don’t know if I can stand the wait. From a track showcasing her unmeasurable talent my body and soul tells me the best has yet to come from Moscow. Her talent, ability, song writing and passionate vocals are humbling while being inspiring and driving home a message.

My friends and proud listeners I give you Moscow and the “Queen Of Sin” single to be loved and devoured over and over, because just once is truly not enough.

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