Molehill’s Hearts on Fire EP

Written By: Alexis Coleman

Hearts on Fire, the new three song EP from alternative rock group Molehill, has proved to be some of Molehill’s most emotionally driven work.


The Illinois natives are using their new EP to show off a different style of their music this year. Made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Peter Manhart, bassist and vocalist Trevor Jones, keyboardist and vocalist Greg Van Zuiden and drummer Devin Staples, Molehill plan to release one song at a time from Hearts on Fire, during the first half of 2017.


“Old Soldier”, the last track of the EP, was written for vocalist Peter Manhart’s grandfather. A World War 2 Veteran, Manhart wrote the piece about his grandfather’s sickness, and reflecting on his past experiences.  


The sound of rain falling can be heard in the backdrop of the song, while chants can be heard as well. Manhart’s vocals take fans on a melodic and emotional ride due to his soaring tones.  Mixed in with drums and steady bass with a distorted guitar solo, the song brings the listener to a spiritual place.


The song concludes with an outro of his grandfather’s final voicemail message.


“Hearts on Fire,” the EP’s opening track, kicks off with a heavy electronica/synthesizer sound, mixed with a steady percussion section. This, in addition to a groove driven guitar performance, showcases an interesting pop-rock style sound from Molehill. Vocalist Peter Manhart uses this opening piece to showcase his strong vocal performance and range of tone.


“Reverie”, proves itself to be a more emotional song off of the EP. The song weaves a story of a parent who has died, but highlights the continuation of their endless love and support for their child. Lyrics such as, “you made me the person I am,” shows off the tender nature of the song.


Alongside the bass driven root of the piece complemented by a powerful organ/synthesizer presence, adds beautifully along with the guitar and drum spirit. With a passionate and melodic vocalization performance by Manhart, it intertwines the lyrics with the music perfectly.


What can be said about Molehill’s Hearts on Fire it is extremely strong and passionate in its’ delivery. With the new EP, the band should continue building a bigger fanbase due to it’s handy work of artistic musical craftsmanship and storytelling.

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