Matteo Scher’s ‘Something Good’ EP

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Fans of soulful music accompanied by a piano, such as that of Elton John and Billy Joel, will enjoy this 4-song EP from Matteo Scher. Fans of pop music, with a liking for the stylings of musicians like Jason Mraz and bands like The Fray, will enjoy this release as well. It has many great things going for it, including a very talented young singer.


“New York and Me” is the first track on the EP and it has a fresh sound that can easily be enjoyed by music fans of any age. Scher’s vocals are never off-key or pitchy, even as he displays the wide vocal range of a 20-year-old singer. This is only one of the great songs on this EP, but it is the one you should listen to if you only intend to listen to one.


“Something Good” is a little more mellow than the first track, but it is still beautifully sung. This is music you’d hear on the radio and want to keep listening. It’s music that could be on the Top 40 station and be just as well received on an adult contemporary station.

Any of the songs on this album would be excellent to listen to when you want to relax or find focus in your day. The final two songs are just as soulful and beautiful as the first two. The piano work on “Painkiller” may be somewhat simple at points, but it takes talent to make such a great song and this one really makes Scher sound like the next Billy Joel.

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