Matt Townsend’s The Drifter and the Dream Part 1

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Giving Bob Dylan and the late, great John Denver a run for their money, here is Matt Townsend. He’s a singer-songwriter with a knack for writing lyrics that tell stories you want to listen to and can relate to. In December he released the first half of his two-part EP, The Drifter and the Dream. The music on this EP, five songs, is nothing but amazing.


If you like acoustic, singer-songwriter stylings that tell a story and have that Americana and folk feel to it, you get that with this album. You also get the sounds of a symphony in the background, which fills out each song and makes it that much more powerful.


I enjoyed all of the songs on this EP, but “Came Down From The Mountain” stood out the most to me. This song has the most upbeat music of the entire album but stays true to the Dylan-like sound that fills all five songs.


In the bio, it looks as though the second half of this two-part EP release will have more of a guitar-driven sound to it. Where this release stuck with the acoustic-like tone. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing it! You’ll hear a little Dylan, a little Denver, and a whole lot of great lyrics. It’s a powerful album that will surely please your ears, as well as your mind.


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