Lords of Acid at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY 9/27/2017

Written By: Michael Deinlein

Legends in the heavy industrial-tinged electronic music, Lords of Acid light up Louisville with Combichrist and Wiccid.

Lords of Acid was one of the most influential bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s dance music scene and of the early rave culture. Touring across North America for the first time in 6 years on their much anticipated The Sextreme Fest ‘17 tour, Lords of Acid (LOA) make an early tour stop in Louisville to a robust crowd, clearly ready to party.

With their industrial-flavored dance music and overall brazen eroticism, Lords of Acid roll thru a classic set starting off with the title track from their 1994 albumVoodoo-U and the evening is off to a blazing start.

Over the next 60-minutes Lords of Acid hold little back as they perform the balance of the VooDoo-U album including favorites “Dirty Willy,” “Drink My Honey”, and “Out Comes the Evil” with their typical unabashed raunchiness and classic industrial-flavored dance music.

Capitalizing on the sky-high energy level in the room, Lords of Acid turn up the sex with “Rough Sex/Take Control,” and “Rubber Doll” complete with an inflatable rubber sex doll being tossed back and forth across the room.
This year is the 20th anniversary of LOA’s U.S. Billboard top 100 album Our Little Secret (released July 22, 1997) and Lords Of Acid’s most recognizable hit from the album “Pussy” was next with several scantily clad female fans joining the band on stage for overall general debauchery.

Lords or Acid close out their main set with “Scrood Bi U,” “Let’s Get High,” and “The Most Wonderful Girl” before closing the night with their signature song “I Sit on Acid” bringing a great evening to a rousing close.

Lord of Acid is made up of founder Praga Khan, lead singer DJ Mea, Drummer Galen Waling (<PIG>, Julien-K, Ludovico Technique), bassist DieTrich Thrall (Doyle W. Von Frankenstein, Thrall from Beauty, in the Suffering/Marazene/) and guitarist Joe Haze (<PIG>). Their lyrics are unapologetically raunchy and sex-positive and their industrial-flavored dance music pounds with the subtlety of a jackhammer.

Due to doctors’ orders, Praga Kahn has not been with Lords of Acid for the initial few tour stops including tonight’s Louisville show, Hopefully, he will be able to join the tour over the next several days.

On a deep red-hued stage, Industrial metal masters Combichrist waste no time getting the growing crowd revved up, blasting into “What the Fuck is Wrong With You”. Lead singer Andy LaPlegua, is relentless on stage, racing back and forth like a caged tiger, all the while staring out into the room with a sinister and completely demented smile egging more energy from the crowd.

Combichrist keeps the party and energy going with the anthem-like “My Life My Rules” and “Can’t Control” before closing with “Get Your Body Beat”.

Flamboyant drummer, Joe Letz, wearing a black and white striped dress and a white wig is reminiscent of a Tasmanian devil behind his kit. With sticks flying everywhere and his floor tom rolling all over the stage for part of the evening, Joe Letz puts on a show of his own tonight.

Opening tonight is Erie Loch’s electro-industrial synth-pop/futurepop project Wiccid. Touring in support of their September 29th release of By Design on Cleopatra records, Wiccid (Erie Loch and Crash) roll through a short but lively set featuring their recent single “Torn”.

Due to technical difficulties that could not be worked out, Christian Death did not perform as scheduled.

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