The Long Dark Road Releases EP Onslaught

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


If you have been itching to make it to hardcore heaven, this band is your shining pathway to the golden gates. It’s an onslaught of noise, but you’ll find a little something more to it. My favorite two songs were the first and the last, although there are only four songs on this release (which is even available on vinyl).


The first song has kind of an old school metal feel blended with that hardcore loudness. It is a song mostly filled with instruments, and when there are vocals they are drowned out by the sounds of drums, bass, and guitar. However, that sound works and makes “The Tragedy of the Commons” my favorite song on this release.


The second and third song didn’t do much for me. “I Will Follow” doesn’t sound like the rest of the songs on this EP and has really a strange vibe to it. Just because it’s not my thing doesn’t mean you won’t like it, though. “The State of Our Union” has a little more substance to it, and kind of reminded of Iron Maiden at times.


The final song, “The Long Dark Road,” has some crazy yet amazing instrumentation. My favorite part is where it momentarily slows down. I got a Pink Floyd vibe from that part, the music and the singing. It’s a good finish to the EP. If you’re into metal or hardcore you definitely want to give this a listen.

Check it out on Bandcamp-

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