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Liv Sin is living proof that after her band of thirteen years Sister Sin decided to part ways, she still had the heavy metal blood running through her veins and decided to continue on making music.


With powerful and passionate vocals and heavy guitar riffs, LIV SIN brings 1980’s old school Heavy Metal and mixes it with today’s modern style making for one heck of a musical experience  Prior to Liv Sin heading out on her own to create music she toured the world with such acts as King Diamond and Slayer.  The band also was on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour and Revolver Magazine’s “Hottest Chicks in Metal” tour.  She also sold thousands of albums and made a name for herself as one of Metal most dominate vocalist.


The Swedish band is made up of Liv “Sin” Jargell AKA Liv Sin on vocals, Patrick Ankermark on guitar, Tommie Winter on bass, Chris Bertzell on guitar and Per Bjelovuk on drums.  LIV SIN’s debut album, Follow Me will be released April 28, 2017 on Despotz Records.  LIV SIN teamed up with producers Fitty Weinhold (UFO) and Stefan Kaufmann (ex Accept, ex UDO) who are legends in the Metal scene.


What fans can expect from LIV SIN is a new age Metal experience.  Liv Sin brings her powerhouse vocals and sultry style to the masses with music that will be something her newer fans and longtime fans of Sister Sin will embrace.


The album starts with an in your face Heavy Metal performance with “The Fall”.  Liv Sin’s singing is full of passion with a melodic touch.  With dueling soloing guitars, a strong bass presence and a drums playing double time this song certainly has all the right elements in making it a great Metal song.


Songs such as “Hypocrite”, “Godless Utopia” and “Emperor of Chaos” are some of the heaviest songs on the album.  With Liv Sin channeling her vocals to go from singing to screaming proves why she has made a name for herself in the Metal community as a dominate force to be reckoned with.  Bertzell and Ankemark play guitar riffs off one another showing they are in unison and bring the musical style of what LIV SIN embraces.  As a percussion section, Bjelovuk and Winter are able to provide remarkable solos and double time sections adding depth to the music.


Sure to be fan favorites and songs that have catchy chorus that will have fans singing along and fist in the air are “I’m Your Sin”, “Black Souls” and “Endless Roads”.  Most of these songs start off with a more ballad feel to them but do not stop listening because they quickly turn into some heavy songs.  Although Heavy Metal in nature there is a hint at times of Hard Rock and some Rhythmic sounding style that allows for fans to be able to truly vibe off the tunes.


The band’s first single “Let Me Out” is a passionate and Heavy Rock song with an unforgettable chorus that will sure to have listeners hooked from the first time they hear the song.  It was the perfect choice for the premiere song to let the world know what LIV SIN’s sound is all about.


“Immortal Sin” happens to be a cover of Rob Halford’s old band, Fight.  All though it is Hard Rock it still has real depth and some true beautiful parts to it that the band deliverers the musical performance perfectly too. It is a duet with Finnish Band, The 69 Eyes, vocalist, Jyrki 69 and Liv Sin.  Jyriki 69’s voice has a Johnny Cash feel to it which blends nicely with Liv Sin’s.   


The last song on the album is a passionate ballad that turns Hard Rock in the middle called “The Beast Inside”.  This song truly shows off Liv Sin’s melodic and passionate side of singing. Her versatility to go from vulnerable to strong vocally is something she does best.  This maybe her greatest vocal performance on the album by far.
LIV SIN is a band that embraces old school Metal but has made it modern their own way.  .  Liv Sin set out to prove she still had more music in her and wanted to make music for her fans.  She succeeded in making an album that combines all the elements that any Heavy Metal fan would want. The songs are full of passion, heart pounding metal riffs, emotion and powerhouse vocal performances.  LIV SIN’s, Follow Me is an album any true Metal head should have in their collection.

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