Les Techno’s Whatever Happened To Les Techno?

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Les Techno’s music is most definitely post-punk music. It is synth-pop. It is beautifully 80’s. There is so much going on in this music that it makes it an amazing thing to listen to. He trained with a jazzman, he created hip-hop beats, and he’s worked with musicians in all sorts of genres, and this wide berth of experience is well noticed in his musical stylings.


Not only does his music knowledge fill such an expanse, but he is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing bass, drums, Moog synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitar on his songs. The Moog is what makes this EP so very interesting and fun to listen to.


The first song off this EP is “Trophy Wife,” which was meant to be a satirical poke at the life of Ivanka Trump, but has since been regarded as life imitating art. The video for the song is very artistic and satirical. However, it’s not the best song of the five, and you should definitely keep listening.

“Who Do You Believe” is one of the songs that really stands out. It has a good dance beat, for one thing. It’s also a very 80’s sounding song. All five songs are great (the last one is a remix of this very song), but this one definitely makes the album worth checking out, especially if you have a love for synth pop and want something new that feels old and familiar.

Watch the video for “Trophy Wife” here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lripUfkWELk, and listen to the rest of the EP here,

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