LANE CHANGE – Rise EP Track By Track

Written By: Katrina Price

“The Rich Get Richer”
This energetic piece isn’t the protest anthem I was expecting based on the title. Income inequality is a hot topic these days and understandably it shows up in songs. The “we stay the same” lyric could almost be modified to “we become poorer” or something similar. Great guitar work and a nice steady beat throughout. 
“Club 27”
Is this a tribute to a favorite venue? Hard to tell whether the place is still open and rockin’ or closed. There’s a catchy little chorus here.
Nice guitar solo. The song gets a bit melancholy. Would have like to hear a rushing water sound effect rather than the rain sound. 
“We Don’t Back Down”
Again, based on the title I was anticipating more of a “fight song” and this one almost has a Reggae style beat at the beginning. Great guitar work in this one as well. 
This is the band’s second effort, having released their debut collection in 2015. It utilizes more production than the last while striving to maintain a live sound. 
I haven’t seen a live performance, but I did catch a video clip of them performing Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and I liked it. 
The co-lead vocals worked well. 
Overall, a nice EP. They may be trying too hard to make sure all the lyrics rhyme. Don’t sweat it guys, and girl!


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