Lakeshore’s EP 41

Written By: Suzanne Hall

Lakeshore is a new powerhouse rock band from New Fairfield CT with band members brothers Ben Lionetti on guitar and Joe Lionetti on drums (both who originally founded the metalcore band Emmure) and hailing from New Fairfield CT, on vocals is Shawn Adams from Manassas VA. Bassist Chris Segovia and Lead guitarist Mitch LoBuglio from Newtown CT.

Their debut EP 41 consists of 6 tracks produced by Ken Susi.

Track 1:”History” is their first song on the EP, it’s a great rock tune with an active rock chorus and melodically rounded,it has great rock drum beats and powerful lead guitar throughout the whole song.

Track 2:”Future” is another great tune from the EP which progressively builds up to a more prevalent rock vibe.

Track 3:”King” which features Karl Shubach from Misery Signals has a heavier rock sound to the song along with heavy riffs and headbanger. It’s a great song to finish off the EP with.

Overall 41 is an awesome solid rock EP with pure new energy and I think the guys will go far. For more info on the band, album release and tour dates check out their website to keep up to date on the guys.

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