The Kiss That Took A Trip’s Punk Cathedral

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Don’t let the band’s long name distract you or keep you from wanting to check them out. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult have even more characters in their name and they’re a pretty cool and well-loved band (at least in the underground sense of music). The Kiss That Took A Trip is a one man endeavor, think Nine Inch Nails. It’s the brainchild of M.D. Trello and was “formed” in Madrid in 2006. Enough with the introductions, here’s something about the music.
Techno dance synth pop ambient electronica is what you’ll get when you listen to this album, Punk Cathedral. Think Depeche Mode and Mogwai. It has a very 90s sound to it. It’s relaxing, ambient music at some points. At other points, it’s the perfect workout backdrop. If you’re looking for an eclectic and vintage sound you’ll find it in this album. 
It’s instrumental, for the most part. That’s what makes it a great album for relaxing to. It could be the background for so many things, from your meditation to your workday. It’s extremely enjoyable.
“Ambient Punk”, the first song on the album, really stands out. It begins with a sound clip of Rodney King. The video for this song is mesmerizing and educational at the same time. You can watch it on Youtube,
The album is available through Bandcamp,
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