Julien The Child Is Self-Aware

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Julien The Child, aka Oliver Eldridge, is not new to music, and this isn’t the first song he has put out with this particular project, but it is the newest. Self-Aware is the first release from the forthcoming album, Memory Flu, from Julien The Child.


If this song speaks at all about the music that will be contained in the rest of the album I will definitely be picking it up for my Bandcamp collection. Having had a teenage step-daughter for a few years I grew to like music continually backed by a drum machine, where once upon a time that would have turned me off to a song.


Not only are the lyrics deep, but the beat to this song is well played out. Eldridge does all of the instruments (though it is obvious that his percussion is programmed). His music has been compared to Bright Eyes, so if they are something you dig then you’ll probably dig this as well. Even if you’re not a fan, but you like powerful music with a good beat, and you like listening to a singer with a great vocal range, you’ll enjoy this song. I did, and I didn’t even know who Bright Eyes was until early last week…

Check out ‘Self-Aware’ here: https://julienthechild.bandcamp.com/track/self-aware

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