Joel Phil’s Raise Up

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Listed as an EP, Joel Phil’s Raise Up is more of a single, with four different versions of his Latin beat dance pop-song “Raise Up”. The good thing is that it’s an excellent song with a positive message.

Though born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Joel is the son of Spanish immigrants, and you can hear the culture from his roots in his music. While his music has been compared to Justin Bieber and George Micheal, fans of music from dance greats like Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin will also enjoy the positive sounds of “Raise Up”. Joel has been singing and performing since he was ten years old.
A more adult version of Joel created this uplifting song you’ll really want to listen to (the EP is available on Amazon Digital). You’ll want to get swept away by the beat and get your groove on, but it’s important to take some time and listen to the lyrics of this song. It’s about standing up for yourself and others. It’s about holding your own and not backing down.
The four versions of the song switch things up from the first track, the original English version. There are two remixes and a Spanglish version as well. The video for the English version has an emotional yet positive story in the images you see. This is a great song to start your new year off with!
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