Jeff Ray’s Somebody’s Cryin’

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Somebody’s Cryin’ Is Spotlight On Jeff Ray’s Our Little Town


A month ago, singer/songwriter, Jeff Ray released his Our Little Town album. Ray grew up with a musical grandfather and learned guitar in his early teens. While classified as a singer/songwriter, this new album only has two songs written by him on it. The first single off the album, a tribute to a friend of Ray’s that committed suicide, was written by James Greathouse (the friend that committed suicide). That song is Somebody’s Cryin’, and it is an amazing and touching tribute that Ray recorded the song.


It’s a great song to listen to in order to get a feel of the album, and it’s a wonderful tribute to Ray’s friend. Ray is a continual advocate for mental illness and suicide prevention. Knowing the background to this video makes it hard not to burst into tears as you read the intro across the screen. It’s a chill and goosebump-inducing song and video.


If you like this video and the song you should definitely listen to the rest of the album. It’s a great rock album, and if you like well written and played music from someone that has some great vocals, it’s definitely the music for you. Ray is someone you could see on the big stage or enjoy at a small dive or in the corner playing at a brewery


You can watch the video for Somebody’s Cryin’ on Youtube: v=R-5GgL_ndvs releases

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