Ivan Beecroft’s Whatever

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Ivan Beecroft is no stranger to music. He has released a few albums, which can be found on Bandcamp. His newest work will be released in early November. Beecroft is from Melbourne, Australia, and unlike musician that got into the game because of a passion for music since childhood, he turned to music as a “form of solace.”


Beecroft worked as a steelworker, struggling in unsafe conditions. Music was his way to cope with the hard work he put in. He writes songs based on life, including ones about the death of his father and about the love of his life. Music is not just a way for the masses to deal with life, by listening to it. It’s also a way for the musicians and songwriters to cope with the things they deal with on a daily basis, including work, life, and death. His music is sometimes happy and sometimes sad, but always honest.


Whatever, slated for a November 9th release, is a rock masterpiece that has a feeling of the synth-pop of the 80s and the grunge sounds of the 90s. You can feel and hear so many influences in this clever collection of songs. From “Sleepwalker”, the first track, on you will be enthralled. “Sleepwalker” seems to talk about the lies we’re told and how we tend to sleepwalk through life. It’s a lyrically sound song and Beecroft has some powerful vocals that make the song stand out.


Whatever contains eleven songs that any fan of rock music will enjoy. The retro sound has a feeling of The Doors blended with The Church. It has that raw feeling, but the instruments are played well and the recording has an extremely professional tone to it.


“Say It To My Face” has an 80s rock sound to it, accompanied by Beecroft’s deep, unmistakable vocals. If you like rock music, synth-pop sounds, classic rock, or you’re just looking for some new music that is actually really good, you’ll find it in November with this new release. This is an A+ album from a talented musician and songwriter.

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